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what's up?


well, i’m finally getting around to this music blog i’ve been contemplating and agonizing over for oh... a long time. oi! but basically it’s a “what’s up with the music lately?” blog post.

so what’s up?

lot’s. lot’s and lot’s. you know when you think you are going to travel on a certain road or do something and then when reality hits or when you sit down to do it ~ it shifts. the energy starts traveling in a certain direction that you didn’t anticipate. my next project has done exactly that. i had this big, huge, crazy-cool, awesome idea ~ ideas. and then things started to shift. life, seasons. something. i still have my treats oh-so-patiently waiting for their day. and it will come, i promise. but i’m now thinking of a brand new something, it’s coming together and i just need to think it through. it’s something i never thought i’d do. but now the frequency is perhaps changing and it could be right. i know this sounds so cryptic and silly. but plainly put, what i wanted to do ~ i will do eventually ~ but it will have to wait for just a little bit. now i want to do a new project but i’m hashing it out. and, heaven willing, it will be sooner than we think. (fingers crossed!)

anyhoo ~ i really wanted to thank you guys for hanging around and reading and downloading and still supporting the music. when it’s late at night your warmth keeps the fires burning.

speaking of music and inspiration, some of you might recognize my friends below... please check them out, you will not be disappointed! a lot of them have put out new fantastic music lately. :)

alice marie aka alice braga
her music is so much more than inspiration. it’s a revelation. she is also a divine blogger and life-lifter. fellow piano loving gal.

color theory
need i say more? electronic/piano/awesome. always something new from mr. brian hazard. fellow piano person.

agnes milewski
been loving her music for a while now, her new-ish album Learn To Swim is sonic-delight. fellow piano gal too.

forgotten door
a modern style classic rock and these guys have big hearts. harmonies are delicious. new album Unlocked just released. fellow desert dweller.

heavy honey
great hard rock. very. hard. rock. and some lighter stuff mixed in. if you need to let your hair down. and fellow desert dweller too.

bre paletta
beautiful soulful music. The Sale is her band with justin bennett, another talented musician. forest dwellers.

harry and the potters
yeah, that’s right. fellow wizard rocker. (well, it’s my dream to be a wizard rocker anyhoo... i try.)

musical pugs,
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