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something this way comes... & MTV coolness

hi guys and gals!

hope everyone is well ~

so i have a little tidbit for ya! indeed, i’ve been in musical hibernation and getting some things together. we’re really in the thick of it and can see the finish line ahead. this journey has been like no other. it’s not something i ever thought i’d do... at least out in public! ha! but it’s being nurtured as we speak. i’ll have more details soon ~ as in, what the heck i’m actually talking about! oh, how i love to be cryptic! ;)

but until then, know that the of elves are working away behind the scenes, so to speak...

in some other exciting news i found out that a song i wrote was featured in two episodes of the Real World New Orleans (season 24) on MTV! the song that they used is a special one that is not on any albums ~ it’s called Dragonfly. this song will come out fully one day... pretty exciting! the episodes aired back in the fall but you can watch the shows on the MTV web site:

hear Dragonfly on episode 8 **open the show!!** at 0:00 to 1:20:

and hear Dragonfly on episode 5 at 37:40 to 38:39:

thank you MTV! :D

more soon! very soon!

much love and snugs,
Tags: cryptic, mtv, the real world
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