shaunaburns (shaunaburns) wrote,

melting thoughts

it's very hot out here... and i'm sure it's going to get hotter. i've been at the piano a lot lately and working away on some new goodies. i'm always working away it seems, but that's what i love. things may seem quiet on the home front but we are working like busy bees getting everything ready for the summer and even the new year if you can believe it. i should have a new announcement soon on some exciting things about the music ~ so stay close for that. i'm still waiting for the KUNV 91.5 FM radio appearance to pop up and when we get it i'll put it up for everyone. :)

i thought i'd change the scene to night-time for a while... seems to fit my mood lately. i'm in a pensive place right now.... waiting for some whispers and some thoughts to melt into place.

the last gig for the Las Vegas GirlFestival 2007 was pretty nifty. it was a super short set (only 20 mins) but everyone there was so wonderful and kind. i'm pretty sure we'll be having another regular show coming up soon in the las vegas area... stay close for that too.

i'm going to have an interview tonight with Brain Rush from Rockwired tonight. i spoke with him a while ago about 'every thought' and it turned into a great conversation. i'll post when that is up and ready.

as always...
Tags: gig, interview, piano, shauna burns, thoughts
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