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absorbing the wind

it's nice to be able to feel warm wind again, the seasons carry a lot on their backs and i'm trying to get it all in at this moment. cooking away... ;)

i had a great interview with brian from rockwired and i should have the interview links in june ~ it was my 2nd interview with him and it was really fun. i could chat all day about music... and i usually do! ha ha!

got the music from our gig in minn (thank you amy over at collected sounds!) and i'll be getting some up on Thistle Glen hopefully this weekend. i'm really enjoying doing the show, it's nice to be able to go into more detail and share the 'behind the scenes' of the music.

i've been working on a special project for you guys and i hope you dig it ~ it's something for everyone to enjoy (i hope!) and i should be announcing it soon... hmmm... oh, i love the unveilings. ;)

music equals solitude for me sometimes. it's nice to be able to go away from the tv and into a world that is on another dimension than that of CNN. this other world seems to be miles away from us, but it's in my piano room. it's breath and measure. it's peace and gratitude. a graceful hand that sees the bigger picture so you know they will have your best interest in mind. this is what i crave.


ps ~ yes, i just now figured out how to use the userpics properly. oi! so, i've changed them in some of the previous posts to fit the mood.
Tags: gig, interview, piano, shauna burns, thoughts
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