shaunaburns (shaunaburns) wrote,

early summer thoughts

hey guys!

i hope everyone is starting their summer out with some fun stuffs to do ~ i cannot believe it but it's already over 100 degrees here in the desert. and the cacti are all in bloom, every year they blow me away with all the color! how i love them. so, i've been keeping pretty busy... busy in so many ways! as some of you know james and i welcomed our sweet little boy 2 months ago and we are loving him so much! of course he is magic, amazing, beautiful, wise, advanced beyond his time, brilliant and an all-around genius. a new member of the band. :D

speaking of "the band", i'm starting to put some musical thoughts together, it's actually something that i thought i was going to do last year but A Winter Gathering took hold... so now it's starting to come around once again. the seeds are starting to get planted i guess you can say, for a tasty garden of musical treat-ness.

in other news, we are in the midst of re-working the main site ( a touch for the summer, we are fiddling around now and hopefully you will see the new-ish-ness soon. i'll let you know.

we are/have been doing a fun "song of the week" on the facebook music page ( it's been fun going back into the catalogue and listening to songs... and the videos! memories! i hope you guys are enjoying the trip down memory lane too.

well, hope you guys are keeping slightly cool where you are!

more soon-ish!


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