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Welcome to the first of the weekly Holiday Blog leading up to Christmas! It was a year ago that A Winter Gathering was released, my little holiday album. When A Winter Gathering was being nurtured I thought the idea of little breaks between the traditional carols (my little "songscapes") would be nice. "Luma" was originally called "Light" and it was almost a full-on song with lot's of lyrics and structure. I knew it would be an intro-of-sorts to "The First Noel", following the light/star. When we went into the studio it started to feel forced ~ working with James and Sean we restructured the song bringing it back to the idea of a breath. Less is more. I ended up leaving most all the lyrics aside and focused on the big bang at the end. With the change of the title it felt complete. Ave Maria is always on my mind when I play this songscape.

Ave Luma, Ave Gloria Instituo, Ave Luma = Hail light, Hail Gloria is found, Hail light
Tags: a winter gathering, christmas, holiday
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