shaunaburns (shaunaburns) wrote,

building away


i've been keeping busy building at the piano and also in a literal sense... putting some stone into the house and releasing what needs to be released. we have been building a new relationship with a distributor that i will soon be talking about and revealing plans for the new album. i'm very happy about all this and cannot wait to let the songs out... but as always there is a time and place for everything. when i release something to world i want to make sure it has the wings to fly, and these feathers are almost ready. :)

i'm going to record a new Thistle Glen very soon... this week. i actually wanted to do it earlier last week but other priorities kept me busy. there will be a bootleg from the Minn show and other treats.

there is another mini gig coming up on june 9th in las vegas at the World Folk Concert Series, so please come by if you desire!

lastly today, i'm so thrilled to have a show in chicago coming up in august!! i have been wanting to get out there for sometime (since it's been years) and i'm really looking forward to the show, it will be quite nifty. :D

more later...


you can find info on all the shows at:
Tags: chicago, gig, las vegas, piano, podcast, shauna burns, thistle glen
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