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Violet Pre-Sale


very excited that the pre-sale for violet is now on! this will be going on until the official release on oct 22nd. there are lot's of things happening over on the site, new reviews, thistle glen podcasts, music clips and the "savor" free download ~ phew! find all the goods over at

very excited! did i mention i'm excited?! ;)

i think because violet has been waiting so long to come out, and the album turned out sounding so incredible ~ i'm jumping off the walls! from how beautiful and deep the piano sounds, the drums from james clark, the tasty guitar by ryan whyte maloney, the stunning cello by lindsey springer, the sweet harp by caroline kemper and our "mad scientist" engineer sean o'dwyer ~ this has been a wild ride! and hugs to chip schutzman and miles high for the kind support.

another cool thing (at least to me! lol) is how neat the packaging came out. this is the first time i've done a "eco-pack" which is like a normal digi pack but the cd slides in the far right panel. it's a sleeker design, very neat-o!

i'm getting another podcast in line that will talk about the inspiration of violet and i should post a song by song description when the album is released too. lot's to do!

but for now ~ a little thought ~

i feel like violet means freedom, a positive uplifting embrace. :)


Violet Pre-Sale
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