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Interview & shows


i've now got a very nice interview up ~ the KUNV 91.5 fm one i did a little bit ago with john nasshin. i think it turned out very nice indeed! we talked about the music, played some tunes ~ gotta get ahead, petunia and ghosts & vampires ~ and even a very special guest got in on the conversation... it's a real rare appearance i tells' ya! it's about an hour so settle in and grab a snack before hand. ;)

i hope you enjoy it!

and we have some shows coming up (and a nice announcement...) so i'm really looking forward to those. we've got a special live online performance next week (june 20) and then phoenix in july, chicago in august and more dates are on the way! for all the info please see the main site ~ it's where all the goods are. :)

for a sneak peek at the announcement... check out the tour section...

sneaky snugs,
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