Scarborough Fair

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A little about “Scarborough Fair”…
Last year I wanted to make a big music project but as things got going  this old English traditional song, “Scarborough Fair”, starting showing  up all over the place for me.  I have been spending a lot of time in  green lush places lately and I started to imagine the woman in this song  walking through the landscape.  I heard her voice so clearly and I went  to the piano and started to tinker out the first bit of the song.   After looking up the right lyrics I discovered that the popular versions  that we usually hear are a combination of both a man’s part and a  woman’s part.  I decided that I was going to sing just “her” part, so  the lyrics I sing are the woman’s response to the man’s lyrics.  I  imagine this couple is probably having a bump in their relationship and  are trying to get each other to do the impossible task to win back their  love… but I sensed at the end both of them want to forgive, want to  move forward, but perhaps their pride is in the way?  I felt when I was  recording “Scarborough Fair” (which was done piano/vocals together at  the same time) I felt “her” soft vocals maybe gave the game away… maybe  just a touch.  I personally think true love prevails at the end. James Clark, my husband and co-producer, and I recorded “Scarborough  Fair” with our new friend and engineer Dee Kei Waddell from Cold House  Studios.  Caroline Kemper ReidReynoso (who has played on pretty much  every one of my albums!) played her amazing Celtic Harp which gave it  the perfect “cherry on top”. Peggy Fernandez captured the beautiful  visuals, I could hear the music singing through the trees and green  meadows… down to “Scarborough Fair”. 

“Scarborough Fair”
Arranged by Shauna Burns
Produced by Shauna Burns and James Clark
Co-Produced by Dee Kei Waddell
Recorded at Red Rock Music Studios
Additional recording, Engineering, Mixing and Mastering by Dee Kei Waddell at Cold House Studios
Photography by Peggy Fernandez
Hair and Makeup by Abby at Rock Water
Management by Chip Schutzman / Miles High Productions
Music Label:  Red Rock Music


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