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hi! it's taken this long but i've finally got the YouTube videos up and dusted off. we actually re-formatted all the videos in a higher quality (thank you josh!) and put them all together on our very own channel! you can find the video's for petunia, pink girl, camelot's waiting, toes and rehearsal. i'm really liking the new page and i've already picked out some other 'favorites'. i've never seen sinéad singing sacrifice before! i've heard that version but never seen it... beautiful!! but i'll be adding more and more soon. i can feel it's going to be my new addiction when i'm supposed to be doing other things... ;)

here is the proper link:

and of course feel free to comment!

i'm editing a new Thistle Glen right now and it's really making me giggle... it's a doozy! we have a special guest on this one so stay tuned!


ps ~ oh, and i thought it was time to turn the sun back on in the desert. ;)
Tags: music, podcast, shauna burns, thistle glen, youtube
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