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Phoenix Rising


we are here in phoenix getting ready for tonight's show ~ and what should wake us up? a giant boar or piggy right outside our door! now, that is how to start your day! ;)

i really love it down here, you guys have a lot more giant cacti than us which makes me a tad envious... but i'll have to take inspiration... and a lot of video.

speaking of which, we are going to attempt to record some of the show tonight... we'll see how that goes.

i wanted to get a new thistle glen out before we left but it will have to wait until next week. :)

and we've got another show in chicago booked ~ not sure of the specifics but it's in the TBA stage, but it looks like i'll now have time to peruse the museums... yea!

find all you need for the tour and other yummy stuff at the main site, if you so desire. :)

piggy snug,
Tags: chicago, giant bore, gig, phoenix, shauna burns, shows, thistle glen
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