shaunaburns (shaunaburns) wrote,

Your Gallery Your Thoughts

And now some very exciting news!!

First, have you had a chance to view the new photo galleries? Lookie here and let me know what you think:

Because starting NOW you can submit your own photos and we will put them in a special gallery called Your Gallery! You can email me (shauna at shaunaburns dot com) or post them in the comments here on Live Journal or on My Space ( Enjoy!

Announcing the Your Gallery Your Thoughts contest! In connection with the new gallery here we want to know what songs have made an impact on you. Tell us what your favorite song or songs are from either Every Thought or Desert Tune and post your thoughts and/or photos (yes, thoughts can be in photo form if you wish!) on either the comments on My Space, Live Journal or email me. All thoughts will be placed in the new Your Gallery and we will pick 5 lucky winners to receive a custom goodie pack: new posters, postcards, dvds, t-shirts and more! Contest runs from August 15 to September 15! Good luck everyone!

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