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la and the big apple

we just returned from la and the gig was rockn! it was very nice to play with the boys again ~ james on drums, ryan on guitar and steve on bass. ryan flew in from a gig in minnesota where fried candy bars were the delicacy of the day. i should mention he was at a fair. it sounds intriguing but he assured us after he was done it didn't really 'sit' right. hmmm... i'll have to think about that one. ;)

but the gig itself was really great. we were going to start at 7:45 but someone else that was going to play got sick and so we started at 8:00 and played a little longer ~ so it worked out for the best. i quite enjoy playing with the band, it mixes it up and keeps you on your toes. (esp with james as your drummer!) at the end i had no idea what to play for the solo closer because we extended our set by 10 mins so i just played the first thing that came to my mind ~ which was heaven. the song that is. oh, another funny thing was after ryan said ~ 'did you see that guy filming us the whole time! i just stared at the back of your head the whole time because i didn't want to look at him...' ha ha! i forgot to tell him we were filming ~ that was our camera and friend holding it. whoops! but the video did turn out pretty good. i'm going through it now to see if it would look good on youtube.

my mom and dad called after to say they listened online live to the whole thing ~ pretty cool, i must say that anyone could listen to it. they said they will re-broadcast the entire show on their program in the future. (

we just booked a gig in new york! i'm so excited about this ~ more details will be coming but it's going to be in november. we will be doing the east coast leg of the tour around then, so stay tuned for details.

in a few weeks it's off to ann arbor! and stay close for a thistle glen too!

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