shaunaburns (shaunaburns) wrote,

Cold in Michigan

burrr... it's cold in michigan. not surprising, it's only 100 in the desert so i guessed it would be a little bit cooler up north. ;)

i'm very excited for the show tomorrow, we are renting a kurzweil because of back & neck problems... more on that. but we left the roland in the desert and are letting it rest up. golf is on the tv and i'm trying not to watch. i wanted to record another thistle glen yesterday but mopping took precedence. oh, and we have another t-shirt design ~ this one is made especially for the men. james thought we needed a specific 'man t-shirt'... if you haven't taken a peek they are all at ~ :)

well, i should rest up!

more and more soon... :)

Tags: gig, michigan, shauna burns, shows, t-shirt
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