shaunaburns (shaunaburns) wrote,

Here in Minneapolis...


so we're here in Minneapolis ~ the land of a 10,000 frozen lakes. chip told me last night that there are actually about 18,000 lakes in Minnesota ~ now that is a lot of lakes! and when you fly over you can see them all... it is very beautiful. i am really excited about the show tonight, (if you haven't already please reserve your seat at: it will be quite intimate ~ these kind of shows are always tasty. this is the first time that i've actually been to Minnesota and i'm finding it to be quite delightful. the weather is very nice right now and it's turning out to be a nice little mini-vacation for all of us ~ james and chip are here to keep me company and keep me in line. for the show tonight ~ if you are in the neigborhood drop a line and come on by!

stay tuned for other announcements and some pictures!

Tags: minneapolis, show, tonight
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